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Hello you guys, sorry for the lack of updates.

I just got back from Singapore, and I wanna share about things I bought from Singapore.

This is a very girly post, i dont even know why I’m updating about this. Haha.

I think I rly have become more girly nowadays.

Anyways, let’s start shall we.

1. Earings $10

Picture 409

Picture 408

I love long earings, because it makes my face looks slim.

And I love the earings, I’m so gonna use this for my mom’ friend’ wedding party next week.

2. Bangles $9

Picture 410

*erm ignore my eyes please*

Picture 411

I simply just love them 🙂

Picture 412

And it comes with that big black bangle, so i think it is quite cheap.

Don’t you think so?

3. Sunglasses $5

Picture 413

I think this is the cheapest thing I purchased.

And  it fits me so well, it’s not too big nor too small. Love em ❤

4. Scarf $15

Picture 415

Detail of the skull:

Picture 416

At first I was scared I’ll end up looking like a hardcore emo.

But surprisingly it really looks good on me.

It might just because od my face that doesn’t look like an emo.

So it’s a good thing.  *cheerful face + emo scarf = good thing*

Picture 417

What I love about this scarf is also because of the length.

Because many scarfs are just too long for me *or am I just too short?*

So this one fits me best.

5. Head band $9?

Picture 418

Actually I didn’t buy this, my friend gave it to me.

So i just assumed the price is $9. Thanks to wenny!!! Love you wen!!! :-*

Don’t you just love it? Detail:

Picture 419


And after I bought all of them, I realized that they all are black colours.

No, im not that emo.

May be because I dont dare to play with colours yet.

Hmm gonna think about colours when I buy accesories next time =)

So yeah that’s all for today, sorry if this blog bore you to death.

Anyway I bring good news *or at least for me?* I passed all of my subjects!!

Yayy for that! Thank god for all He’s done for me. God rocks!!

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