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Picture 407

Hello you guys, sorry for the lack of updates.

I just got back from Singapore, and I wanna share about things I bought from Singapore.

This is a very girly post, i dont even know why I’m updating about this. Haha.

I think I rly have become more girly nowadays.

Anyways, let’s start shall we.

1. Earings $10

Picture 409

Picture 408

I love long earings, because it makes my face looks slim.

And I love the earings, I’m so gonna use this for my mom’ friend’ wedding party next week.

2. Bangles $9

Picture 410

*erm ignore my eyes please*

Picture 411

I simply just love them πŸ™‚

Picture 412

And it comes with that big black bangle, so i think it is quite cheap.

Don’t you think so?

3. Sunglasses $5

Picture 413

I think this is the cheapest thing I purchased.

And Β it fits me so well, it’s not too big nor too small. Love em ❀

4. Scarf $15

Picture 415

Detail of the skull:

Picture 416

At first I was scared I’ll end up looking like a hardcore emo.

But surprisingly it really looks good on me.

It might just because od my face that doesn’t look like an emo.

So it’s a good thing. Β *cheerful face + emo scarf = good thing*

Picture 417

What I love about this scarf is also because of the length.

Because many scarfs are just too long for me *or am I just too short?*

So this one fits me best.

5. Head band $9?

Picture 418

Actually I didn’t buy this, my friend gave it to me.

So i just assumed the price is $9. Thanks to wenny!!! Love you wen!!! :-*

Don’t you just love it? Detail:

Picture 419


And after I bought all of them, I realized that they all are black colours.

No, im not that emo.

May be because I dont dare to play with colours yet.

Hmm gonna think about colours when I buy accesories next time =)

So yeah that’s all for today, sorry if this blog bore you to death.

Anyway I bring good news *or at least for me?* I passed all of my subjects!!

Yayy for that! Thank god for all He’s done for me. God rocks!!

Picture 420


I’ll be right back





All was taken back 2 years ago. And i miss you guys a lot.

Sometimes this question always makes wonder,

do I still belong to IFGF Sg?

Picture 204

What I’ve been doing recently.

Yes everyone, assignments, projects, quizzes, and exams have been flooding my world.

Which explains the lack of updates. *cries*

Picture 198

Anyway I’m on diet again people.

Have lost 2 kgs so far, do you see any diference on my face?

Comment me πŸ™‚ Would love to see your opinions πŸ™‚

Haih why am I so stupid one?

I can just upload pictures that have low quality so it will take faster right.

So which picture should I share ah?


Ok you guys should feel familiar with Skype right?

This program is similar to Skype, it’s called ooVoo, the diff is just ooVoo can include more than 2 persons.

And it captures pictures also! *so no need to print screen hehe so praktis right!!*

That picture was taken when I was in China, Raka in Melb, Rendy & Andreas in Singapore.


Same here, its just that I minimize Rendy, and maximize my cam and Andre’s.


Actually I have more ooVoo pictures with Sandy, Wenny and IFGFSyd-ers, but it was nowhere to be found.

Maybe it’s in my laptop, so I’ll post them next time.


Shall punish myself tomorrow. *haiz*

Bye for now, yours trully

Signing out


Gosh! I really2 wanted to blog right now.

But my sis’ laptop is so lag!!! It takes 10 mins just to upload a picture!!!!

How can I stand waiting 50 mins just to upload 5 pictures!!!!

Actually I can la, but tomorrow I still have classes on the morning.

So I shall do it on weekend.

So please forgive me this time, you guys really should blame the laptop not me *what an excuse*

Bah 2 AM already, see I’m compromising the promise I’ve made not sleep above 12.


*mom’s calling*

*got scolded because haven’t sleep yet*


Last thing before I leave, this is a hint of what my next post will be.

Can you guess where is it?


Quick! Drop me a comment if you know the answer.

I’m giving out free hugs for those who know! *sure no one drop comments one* * haiz*

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great week!


Merdeka Tanah Airku!

Heya guys, sorry for the lack of update, been really busy these days because of mid-tests and whatever-assignments.

And I should been studying by now, but I love you guys too much so won’t leave you without pictures tonight.

Yesterday, I went to a salon to cut my bangs. And I really









For the past 18 years of my life I never get my hair cut wrongly!!

But that tukang-mas-mas who cut my bangs finally turned my looks to..




No la, it will take forever for me to change my looks into her. Crazy ah?

Ok the truth is I look like this girl here.


















Yes, Chibi Maruko Chan.


You see:

Picture 0314


I know it’s damn ugly la, stop laughing people, please consider my feelings also πŸ˜›

BUT it’s ok, at least Chibi Maruko Chan is cute, and so am I. *denying*

Since I cant change anything already, I may start imitating her.

You guys can try this looks too. (it will look more real if you put half of your hair back)


1. The ‘bye-bye-teacher-i’m-going-home-now’ pose

dgdgdnnPicture 0318

Actually I wanted to put up the picture below instead. But then I realized I look at the wrong side. -_-”’

Picture 0324

2. The ‘aahhhh’ pose

wwwwPicture 0320

And again I failed to look at the right way with my short hair!!! Grrr!!

Does this mean me and short hair are not meant to be? T.T

Picture 0325

And lastly, my favorite pose:

3. The ‘what-the-hell’ pose

dgdgdPicture 0326

Errrr, maybe not really my favorite after all.


So yea maybe that’s all about me so far.

Since my hair was cut like that, I always pin/put it up so people won’t see it.

Now Felicitas remain bang-less -_-”’

Again I’m sorry because I won’t be able to blog for the next 3 days.

But Felicitas is full of surprise, so watch out for the next update.

Cheers, Felicitas

Picture 0329

*rush to study*

This is an appropriate way to ask who he/she is, whether you know him/her or not.

And delete their contacts when you don’t know them in a proper way, not in a rude way.

Cos I think my last rejection to some girls on Facebook were kinda rude, so I think I might need a change.

So please read the bellow conversation instead, cos the old Feli has gone and now she’s been renewed.Β *?????*

Note : I do not have a boyfriend

Felicitas Nugracitos says:


do i know u?

sikil says:



speak indonesian?


Felicitas Nugracitos says:

i do

ini sapa ya?

sikil says:



sama gak taw juga ini siapa

Felicitas Nugracitos says:


sikil says:

gw cuma copy contact msn lama gw

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

sikil itu nama asli?

sikil says:

eh bukan dong

Felicitas Nugracitos says:


sikil says:

nama asliny a rinaldi =_=

Felicitas Nugracitos says:


sikil says:


Felicitas Nugracitos says:

yg di seattle?

sikil says:

wah bukan2 di indonesia saya

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

trs anak mana

sikil says:

ank itb situ sndiri?

Felicitas Nugracitos says:


sikil says:

koq aneh ya gw jg ga kenal

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

dulu sma man


sikil says:


Felicitas Nugracitos says:

taun brp lulusnya?

sikil says:

eh gw dikit2 inget


Felicitas Nugracitos says:


sikil says:

taw timothy?

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

tau tau

sikil says:

timothy strada

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

mothy anak strada kan

sikil says: iya

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

iya knp

sikil says:

gw di invite dia dia tmnya tmn gw



Felicitas Nugracitos says:

ohhh ok deh klo gt mari saling mendelete each other’ contact ya


sikil says:

ini siapa ngomong2



Felicitas Nugracitos says:



abisan cowo gw suka marah klo ada contact cowo yg ga dikenal gt

*and yes I lied about this*

sikil says:

ya serah u aja deh

Felicitas Nugracitos says:

hehe sorry ya

sikil says:


Felicitas Nugracitos says:

anyway nice to know u

Ok, it’s obvious that I lied about the part ‘my bf doesn’t like a guy-whom-I-don’t-know-on-MSN’.

And I could tell he’s kinda pissed when he knew I was about to delete him.

But that way is better than if you tell him PLEASE DONT ANYHOW ADD OK!!

Anyway Sikil if you’re reading this, please don’t be mad.

I know you’re a good guy πŸ™‚ Β peace!

Yours truly, signing out πŸ™‚

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